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The Dr Thomas Fertility Center and Research Institute is the pioneer and has been rated the best IVF Center in Pondicherry, India Under the guidance of Dr V.M. Thomas, recipient of several prestigious rewards and also the world record holder for helping to deliver 14 babies on the same day, TFC has been providing fertility options for childless couples through holistic treatments. It is also a key contributor of several research and development activities in the field of IVF.



Largest IVF Center
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Dr VM Thomas

Dr Thomas Fertility

Why Choose CFC

  • (i) Excellent Pregnancy Rates
  • (ii) 2nd IVF cycle at discounted price
  • (iii) Very Competitive Pricing
  • (iv) Individualized Attention
  • (v) Highest Quality code
  • (vi) State-of-the-Art IVF Laboratory with an on-site Embryologist


(i) Thomas Fertility Center (TFC) is located in a prime spot, just a walk away from the most sought after location of Pondicherry, its beach. Thomas Fertility Center (TFC) is spread across an area of about 4500 Sq.ft. that makes it the largest IVF Center in South India.

(ii) Our laboratory, rooms, operation theaters are designed as per international standards in order to cater to patients from India and abroad.

(iii) Thomas Fertility Center (TFC) an ultramodern facility equipped with the latest technology and advanced equipment offering a complete range of infertility treatments including vaginal ultrasound, ovulation study, HSG, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy, IVF and ICSI.

(iv) All standard facilities of conveyance, surgery and other will be accessible as normal at Thomas Fertility center.

(v) For High Risk Pregnancy, Fatal Monitor is additionally accessible at this point. For Premature Baby, offices of NICU and PICU likewise are accessible at TFC Center under Dr Thomas. Work allied treatment is a consumer attentive practice that places a premium on the advancement towards the customer’s objectives Occupational advisors work with individuals who have physical sickness or damage.

New Solutions on Thomas Fertility Center (TFC)

(i) We are extremely eager to educate you that Affordable IVF is presently a portion of Fertility Solutions. This implies that patients have entry to moderate and more assortments of IVF medications under one rooftop.

(ii) Fruitfulness Solutions have another layered level of richness treatment which begins with lower level medicines, for example, insemination (if applicable) and then advance to different alternatives if required.

(iii) For example, our standard IVF treatment (first offering of ease treatment) trailed by our halfway IVF (second offering of minimal effort treatment) and then more modified IVF treatment (Full Service).

(iv) We are additionally now offering a Fertility Investigation Package for individual or couples who are thoughtful of pregnancy.

(v) Patients can either go to a free conference with an attendant through the Fertility Solutions center or a discussion with one of our Fertility Specialists in their rooms.

Fertility Guide

Much obliged for your enthusiasm towards the Ultimate Fertility Guide.Thomas Fertility Center (TFC) will help to significantly build your odds of getting pregnant normally and nearby helped medications, for example, IVF.

In the aide you will find:

1. The most essential tests that you and your accomplice ought to finish before beginning any richness treatment.

2. The six key variables that are lessening your odds of pregnancy and how to quickly improve them.

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