Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

At Chennai fertility Center we have performed a number of ICSI procedures with high success rates. We have cutting edge technology and world class labs that allow us to provide excellent precision in our ICSI and orther fertilization procedures.

ICSI is instrumental in the process of trying to conceive a baby, ICSI is a procedure mainly used when the male is found to be infertile. Through ICSI the issue of sperm not being able to reach the egg for fertilization.
ICSI is also chosen as a part of a patient’s IVF journey, it can cure infertility occurring through low sperm count, low quality sperm or poor motility of the sperm.

ICSI is a well known treatment available in most fertility centers in Chennai. CFC uses latest technology and cutting edge fertility laboratory and internationally qualified ICSI specialists for each procedure. This has made CFC a high success rate producing fertility center in Chennai. CFC as a team is well trained through formal and practical training to perform ICSI successfully.

In ICSI laboratory procedure a single sperm is injected directly into an egg, using a glass needle (pipette) This process increases the likelihood of fertilization when there are abnormalities in the number, quality, or function of the sperm.
ICSI is known to increase the rate of fertilization as the probablity of the sperm reaching the egg is sure shot. In Chennai CFC is known for high success rates in all fertility treatments especially ICSI.