How Does IVF work

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There are many reasons for the cause of infertility. And sometimes the reasons are unknown. When a body does not react to any of the medical interventions, then the couple would opt for the help of an infertility center. One of the most opted treatment for infertility is IVF. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is an Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) which is considered as a solution for infertility by many couples all over the world. Before the start of the treatment, it is essential to give proper details about the couples medical histories, previous treatment, allergies etc., to avoid any possible mishap in the course of the treatment.

IVF Treatment

In this treatment, the first step is to give gonadotrophin (a type of fertility hormone) to the women to increase the production of eggs. This sedative is taken continuously for the next consecutive 12 days. The clinic will monitor the progress through Vaginal Ultra Sound Scans and blood test. Then the process of egg retrieval happens. The women is sedated and with the help of an ultrasound guidance, the eggs are carefully retrieved. This step might cause a small amount of discomfort of pain. After the egg collection, a medication is given to prepare the uterus lining for embryo transfer. Now the collected sperms and eggs are allowed to be cultured in in a lab dish for up to a day and looked for the signs of fertilization. When they are formed into a healthy embryo, the embryologist tracks their development in the incubator and best of it is transferred to the uterus through a fine needle. And the rest of the embryos are frozen, so that they can be used in the later part of the treatment. More than one embryo is transferred to the women, so that they have a high chance of becoming pregnant. Since multiple embryos are transferred, there are chances of having multiple live birth. The older the women is, lesser the chances of getting pregnant.

IVF treatment is opted by the couple when, the female partner has a damaged Fallopian tubes, ovarian disorders, Premature ovarian failure, Uterine fibroid, Genetic Disorder, being exposed to strong radiations. There are cases where the reasons of the infertility remains unexplained despite a thorough check.CFC is Good fertility centers in hyderabad provide which provide good treatment for their patients. chennai fertility center has successfully delivered 18536 babies through IF/ICSI treatment..

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